The Instagram sign up process is fairly easy. Anyone can open an account and doing so is absolutely free. But if you’re main goal, as a business, is to gain followers and thus increase your exposure to generate more trust and credibility for your brand, then you should take extra time paying attention to the details of your sign up. Make your profile interesting. Link your profile to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and start following the profiles of the same businesses and friends you have on each of those accounts. Target new businesses to follow and always let others know you’re now on Instagram with an announcement on Facebook, Twitter and on your business’s main website.

After building targeting your followers you’ll notice that a few will follow you immediately, but don’t wait around for hundreds of follower to appear overnight just yet. You still need to upload great content to keep followers interested and a reason to care about your present on this social media website. Here are a few of the best practices all businesses should follow when posting to Instagram.

Uploading Photographs on Instagram

Since Instagram’s main purpose is to share photographs with anyone living anywhere in the world, you should pay close attention to what it is you are uploading. For the most part, you can post whatever you want, but if you do so without any clear intent, then you’ll quickly lose users’ interest and could see your base of followers. Keep these in mind and you’ll see your followers grow in no time:

  • If you’re sharing pictures to promote a cause, business or a brand make sure that you regularly upload fresh and creative pictures to your followers interest before losing their attention. Think of posting at least once daily and never let more than a few days go by without uploading new content.
  • Be sure to crop unwanted parts from the photograph as well as fix any flaws such as red-eye or bluring or sun spots. You want only quality photographs that aren’t distracting with negatives in any way.
  • If you have topics (e.g., hashtags) then post photos that show off that topic. Don’t shy away from your intended point.