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Welcome to our foodstore

GEN program is designed to alleviate the problem of hunger in our society and give our subscribers access to essential commodities supply by partnering with us with a token of N1,000, refer friends to join us and get paid multiple times. What an amazing deal?

The importance of food can not be over emphasized. Every human being needs food to survive daily. The present economic situation in Nigeria has given rise to the price of all the essential commodities in the market hence the need for us to bridge the gap and put smiles on the faces of Nigerians.

We are expanding everyday, reaching out to communities and villages.

Varieties of the daily needs are available for pick up in different packages.
* Premium pack  – Food items
* Standard pack – Food items & toiletries
* Elite pack.        – Provisions

GEN business module is simple and interesting. Follow the following simple steps to get started.
* Pay a one time registration fee of 1,000 to become a member of GEN group
* Upon your registration, you will receive 5 forms to refer and register your own prospects.
* Each one of the 5 people pays 1,000 to you making N5,000. Credit the N5,000 into the company’s account.
* Take your deposit slip to any of our offices in your location for immediate activation and pick up your GEN pack.
* Your initial N1,000 will be credited into your account instantly upon confirmation of your payment.
* Your level 2 earning will be N2,500 and it will be credited into your account as soon as your second generation pick up their own GEN pack
* Your level 3 earning is N3,750
* You will receive a bonus of GEN Combo pack at the completion of your level 4

Here you have value for your money. Your earnings are far above your initial payment.

Compensation plan

1           1          1            1            1=      GEN Pack
5           5         5            5            5=      N2,500
25       25       25         25          25=      N3,750
125     125    125      125        125=      N12,500

Your total cash earning will be N18,750 + GEN pack worth much more than your invested amount.

What are you waiting for?  Join us today